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Charles Xavier

Sunday, September 24
Sam wakes up... in the morgue. Sometimes it really sucks to be immortal.

Since they "stole" a dead Guthrie, Rachel, Liz and Neal also steal the live one right out of the hospital. It's way easier to sneak around places when you can tell people what to think and walk through walls. Of course, Liz missed the whole thing, poor unconscious girl.

Monday, September 25
But she did wake up the next day, much to Neal's relief. Of course she's still burnt up a lot and paralyzed from the waist down. It sucks pretty bad to be Lizzie right now.

Monday, October 2
CNN covers Goliath's funeral. Fred Coppel is thoroughly unimpressed with Tony Stark.

Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, The X-Men decide to take the information about Prime Sentinels to the UN. But the big question is how to get there.

Tuesday, October 3
Jean, Scott, Lorna, and Alex can FINALLY finish their discussion on parenting Scotty. Too bad it isn't any more comfortable a month later than it was the first time around.

Wednesday, October 4
Warren is pissed that Registration is hurting Worthington Enterprises but Stark just keeps making more money. But he and Jean get to work with their contacts in Washington.

Amara's pretty shaken up about all the close calls with death. Having a forcefield clad, flying, fire-throwing family isn't easy.

Susan Richards leaves Reed a note. She and Johnny are joining the resistance.

Thursday, October 5
Rachel and Artie meet Jean in Disney World the Astral Plane to figure out how to get everyone home and use the information they have.

Friday, October 6
Piotr worries about Repete. Fatherhood really complicates the whole X-Men thing.

Sunday, October 8
Liz hurts, itches, worries and beats herself up, not necessarily in that order.
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