Charles Xavier (of_utopia) wrote in xavier_dreamed,
Charles Xavier

Monday, October 23

Jean wishes things would slow down enough to catch her breath. No such luck Jean. Sorry.

Kitty, Piotr and Captain America plan to take CNN hostage to get on the air. That plan falls through when the newsroom welcomes them with open arms. They get arrested anyway.

Friday, October 27

Susan Richards, Jean, Scott, Rachel, Alex and Lorna break into the Baxter Building to rescue Cap and the others before they're sent to the negative zone. The x-men showed Ironman their favorite tricks, he was not a happy guy.

Meanwhile, Bobby and JP babysat Scotty. Poor Bobby, potty and a busted x-box, he doesn't get paid enough for this.

Sam and Amara go out for dinner while Neal and Liz watch Lucy. Poor new parents freak over nothing.

Friday, November 3

Petra and Warren get to know each other. Is everyone going to have bratty kid interference from now on? Yeah, probably.
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