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9/28/06 04:22 pm - of_marvels - September 11, 2006 History Log

Who: Rachel, Kitty, Piotr, & Petra
What: Pick Petra up at the airport, get into a fight with SHIELD
Where: Sion, Switzerland
When: September 11, 2006

Maybe stop off for a little Chinese on the way home, but not stop off for alien invasion or attack by government agents.Collapse )

9/28/06 04:14 pm - of_the_angel - September 9, 2006 History Log

Who: Jean-Paul, Bobby, Scott, Warren & Jean
What: Meet up so JP can join the team
Where: Las Vegas
When: September 9, 2006

Vegas BaybeeCollapse )

9/28/06 04:04 pm - of_humanity - September 8, 2006 - CNN News

The News Anchors normally impassive face held anger as a commercial break ended and the CNN logo faded away to reveal him behind the news desk. There was only no trace of it in his calm voice though, as he began reporting. "Newspaper reporter Sally Floyd was arrested today, along with the managing editor of her newspaper, The Alternative, facing allegations of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts and harboring the identity of unregistered combatants. Floyd has become a household name recently for her in-depth stories of former heros who are refusing to register. Earlier in the week, she was allegedly identified attending a meeting of a small underground movement of unregistered heroes when it was infiltrated by SHIELD, resulting in eleven arrests for failure to comply with Superhuman Registration Act.. Ms. Floyd was evacuated from the building by an unknown number of heros before she could be detained."

"According to witnesses at the offices of The Alternative Ms. Floyd was arrested when she refused to give up the identities of her confidential sources. It is a long-standing practice for journalists to offer sources confidentiality in order to tell stories that are of grave public concern, especially in order to get necessary information on record that may put the source of information in danger." The newsman paused, looked as if he was about to say more, then continued. "After the break, NSA representative Eric Marshall along with Richard Landry, the executive director of the Independent Press Association, will join us to debate the implications of this arrest on the journalism community as a whole."

9/28/06 03:59 pm - of_levity - September 5, 2006 History Log

Who: Alex & Lorna
What: Save Sally Floyd from a bust on an underground hero meeting, but have trouble putting their kid to bed
Where: Around NYC
When: September 5, 2006

Did my daddy beat you up?Collapse )

9/28/06 03:45 pm - of_utopia - September 5, 2006 History Log

Who: Jean, Rachel and Charles
What: Have a telepathic meeting
Where: The Astral Plane
When: September 5, 2006

He does love this ship. LOVES IT.Collapse )

9/28/06 03:41 pm - of_the_angel - September 4, 2006 History Log

Who: Scott, Jean, Warren & Bobby
What: Get chased through a superhero fan convention
Where: The Rosemont Convention Center
When: September 4, 2006

Real superheroes are people who take the time to help others.Collapse )

9/28/06 03:11 pm - of_marvels - August 31, 2006 History Log

Who: Kitty, Rachel, Neal & Liz
What: Investigate a SHIELD supply dump
Where: Scotland
When: August 31, 2006

Are you propositioning one of my guests?Collapse )

9/28/06 12:58 pm - of_levity - August 30, 2006 History Log

Who: Jean, Lorna, Alex, and Scott
What: Try to decide custody of Scotty, but get interrupted
Where: The Resistance Underground Hideout
When: August 30, 2006

The faster we go, the faster we can be back.Collapse )

9/28/06 12:54 pm - of_levity - August 16, 2006 History Log

Who: Lorna and Bobby
What: Talkerate
Where: The Resistance hideout TV Room again
When: August 16, 2006 (after Jean and Lorna get back from the park)

Do you think it makes me a sick pig that I think beating up the hookers is one of the best parts of this game?Collapse )

9/28/06 12:48 pm - of_levity - August 16, 2006 History Log

Who: Lorna, Jean, Bobby, Scotty
What: Try to get information from Scotty
Where: Resistance hideout TV Room
When: August 16, 2006

Jewwo is nummy, not bad. Mommy is BADCollapse )
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